airhead of poops a lot lalalaladkdfjalkdjfkdlsjf;kldsjkfljdsa
lalalala airhead laalallalalalal
by owno September 29, 2005
Someone who smokes marijuana
THe girls is a airhead because she sokes all the time
by crackwhore March 28, 2005
the worst insult ever...if you are called this, you might as well kill yourself...because your an airhead
wow...what an airhead
by joe October 31, 2003
Imagine the dumbest person you know. Multiply by 4, there's your airhead.
Tim: So, Cassie, want to go grab some dinner?
Cassie: Why would we grab our dinner? I want to eat mine.
Tim: what an airhead.
by Loveandchocolate May 31, 2015
A silly, clueless and stupid person, sometimes also related to the ignorance.
"Jane, I am not going to your meetings with the same airheads of always anymore!"
by CookieForgottenInOven March 06, 2015

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