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Air pie has 2 definition. 1 definition is when you are being are being ingnored.
He tried to draw a chick and he got air pie diffrently. Sniper E Tries to send for bare mc's all he gets is air pie.
by J Beatz September 26, 2006 approach the opposite member of sex, chat em up only for them to ignore u. tell a joke and have absolutely no one laugh at it
1. 'that girl jus gave you air pie!'

2. 'thatjoke got air pie with oxygen filling!'
by vizzle October 12, 2005
When one attempts to draw the attention or initiate conversation with someone they know, only to be completely ignored, leaving the instigator looking like a total twat.
*Ryan has headphones in*

Josh- "Yooo Ryan my man how you doing?"


Sean- "Nice big slice of Air Pie there Josh, fancy sharing?"

Josh- "I don't even like Ryan"
by Joshwaling March 17, 2011
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