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Colloquialism for "fireworks" created by Campers while emailing tim at work last Monday.

Also has secondary meaning (created later that evening) as a description of having sex while jumping up and down, also known as "air banging"
"WOW! i went with matt nad tim to let off some awesome air bangs the other day, they were really fun!"

"Dude! i got 7 air bangs last night and now my legs are killing me!"
by Graham Stubbings Esq. November 08, 2006
When you make the doggy-style thrusting motion of your hips even though there is nothing in front of them.
My homie bent over to pick up his keys, so I conveniently gave him a few airbangs to the amusement of our other friends.
by The Deucer February 18, 2012
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