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Another way to say that something doesn't fit a person, doesn't suit them, or isn't met for them. Commonly pronounced as "ain't 'bout dat life."
Sarah is so hot for Dave that she is acting like she's easy to get his attention, but she ain't about that life.
That geek Bill Nye watched way too much Breaking Bad and now he's trying to find a partner to cook meth with. We all know he ain't 'bout dat life.
She was talking shit about my best friend, so i punched her in the face instead of talking shit. I ain't fake, I ain't 'bout dat life.
by Purplexy October 17, 2013
You can't handle that lifestyle or don't fit into that lifestyle or with a group of people.
Tom:I'm going to the club all 6 nights this week and gettin crunk.
Craig:Man, you ain't about that life.
Me:Yeah, he's also not about that common sense either. Tom, do me a favor and do not go to any night clubs because you have no street smarts.
by LexO October 20, 2013
When other people see a gangster thug and proclaim that they themselves are not about the life of dope dealing and crime.
Gangster walks past checkout counter*
Clerk:"Whoa! I ain't about that life."
by Sotamaster October 17, 2013
When someone, usually trying to be gangster, is stressing how he does not like how something is run or what they didn't do in a situation.
Man, and then I ate chocolate cake. They didn't have vanilla but that's okay cuz I ain't about that life.
by InnerSol October 13, 2013
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