An abbreviation of "Asshole Kitten".
The ideal moment to shout or mutter AHK, is in moments of extreme anger.
by Chaquess September 15, 2011
Top Definition
1. The Arabic and Hebrew term for "brother."

2. Slang for brother, deriving from it's use by inner-city groups with Islamic or Hebraic backgrounds.

see also: ahki and ak
"Ayyo, whaddup ahk?"
by El-Keter July 24, 2002
A combination of "ahh, I understand" and "O.K".

Better than a simple O.K, which can be used as an approval.
A: "Why are you going to the supermarket?"
B: "I need some milk"
A: "Ahk"
by Frank July 09, 2004
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