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you have taken a poo and have prceeded to wipe after a few wipes maybe 3 or 4. You feel another small piece off poo coming you have to stop wiping to do the rest of the poo and then have to start all over again with the wiping.
I hate after poo's you have to use so much paper!
by Andymoo May 12, 2008

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1. A remnant of poo in your underwear, due to the lack of sufficient butt-wiping.
2. a dingleberry
Something smells. Do you have afterpoo in your shorts? Tell the truth.
by Jed Hunsaker September 11, 2006
The urge to poo after you've already done your business.
I just dropped some kids off at the pool and now I got afterpoo.
by Jed Hunsaker September 11, 2006