Best sport ever. All those people that say that it doesnt have skill are morons. How much skill does it take to run in a straight line at a bunch of opposition players. Compare that with weaving throught 5 or 6 players at full pace, then unleashing a perfect drop punt that hits your mate 50 metres away bang on the chest. How can leaping 6 foot onto someones back while trying to grap a moving ball is not easy. And what the fuck is the scrum in rugby league. If you still think that AFL is shitter than rugby league, look at the attendances. AFL football has 3 times attendance compared to NRL. Has no class barrier, in the amateur days, doctors played alongside plumbers, and nothing has changed. Open to any shape and size, whereas sports such as basketball and rugby only look for one shape and size
Type in Ablett in Youtube, you will realise that AFL is the greatest sport on earth.
by Richoman16 November 07, 2008
The best and most skill full code of football in the world.
Rugby and Gridiron aren't football, they're shit.
by go bombers July 02, 2003
You may go on and call it a great game and simply it is. AFL is such an australian game, I am not much of a player but one die-hard spectator. I am a Carlton supporter and for any americans out there interested in the game i advice a look at the official web site, which is packed full of information. The game involves 18 players on each side aiming to simply kick a goal through poles 4-5 metres apart. The game involves the 'kick' of a ball or a 'hand ball' it is very difficult to explain without the watching of the sport. Some of the greats of AFL include 'jack dier', 'ted whitton', 'kevin bartlett', 'dick reynolds' but simply there are way to many to menton. please check out the site
afl is so skilful, i love it
by bEATLe_PauL June 06, 2005

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