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A kid with an extreme love for AFI. These kids are usually small in stature, sport clothing featuring said band at least once a week and usually have black or dark brown and/or blue and purple hair. These people are not to be confused with Emo kids, because they're NOT whiny little bitches and are usually far more tough than their stature would make one beleive.

Some AFI kids are veritable punks while others may even be quite emo indeed. These emo imposters are not true AFI kids, just wannabes, and emokids tend to be anyway. This is not to say, however, that all AFI kids are punks; they're not. AFI kids are their own subgenre in the conglomerate "alt" scene.
"Did you see that guy? What an emokid."
"Are you joking? He just beat the crap out of someone for calling him that; look at the blood on his hands. That's an AFI kid."
"Shit, I'd better hide."
by Jakkidee January 07, 2007
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