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A quota-based hiring system. The rules of Affirmative Action state that the personnel makeups of certain businesses must consist of a set percentage of different ethnic groups. It is sometimes met with criticism due to the fact that a qualified individual of one race may be passed up because a company doesn't have enough of a certain race in their personnel makeup.
XYZ Corp. had to choose between John, a man of Asian descent; and Jane, a woman of African-American descent. John has 5 years experience in the field and a bachelor's degree. Jane has 10 years experience and a master's degree. XYZ Corp. has room for a staff of 40 people; Affirmative Action stating that at least 10 Asians and 10 African-Americans must occupy positions in this company. There are currently 9 Asians and 10 African-Americans employed with XYZ Corp. XYZ hires the less experienced worker in order to stay in compliance with Affirmative Action regulations.
by J. Malik November 21, 2005