An outdated tool meant to uplift the lower dredges of the urban and working class people of the USA, i.e minorities. Particularly of the African American persuasion. Affirmative Action was fomented out of the need to reemburse African Americans for 400 years of slavery, and another 200 years of apartheid policies by politikos and whites in general in America. Affirmative Action was an avant garde way of saying "sorry for killing 50 million of you and enslaving the rest, here I shower my kindness upon you by letting you work at this factory for miminum wage".
Affirmative Action was created as a medium for helping urban class African Americans but has come to be used more frequently by members of other minority groups, particularly Indians and Latinos. A shocking and often underestimated effect of Affirmative Action is the fact that white women benefit from it far more than African Americans and minorities in general.

Detractors of Affirmative Action routinely sidestep the issue of white women being the beneficiaries of it while blaming African Americans for all of society's ills. See Euro trash.
Affirmative Action is decrepit, outdated and void of anything remotely progressive. If the government and Americans in general were truly interested in formulating proper ways of managing the African American solution, and reembursement for years of apartheid policies, then they would fund schools in African American areas and supply them with capable teachers and staff, nothing special - just fund them the same way you fund suburban schools. That would be a great start and would guarantee immediate change.
white guy: "those bloodsucking hiphop listening bling blinging blingers are stealing all our labour and manufacturing jobs"

non white guy: "uhm .. buddy, the bimbo outside the boss' office with the miniskirt and the grade eight education is the only here benefitting from Affirmative Action"
by franz fanon May 20, 2005
A theory that states if, 300 years ago, Group A forced Group B into oppression, today, Group A should be punished and Group B rewarded.
Affirmative Action is called reverse discrimination because it is the opposite of how we usually discriminate.

-Stephen Colbert
by MidNightStasiS01 January 23, 2011
Affirmative Action refers to the equal opportunity employment measures that Federal contractors and subcontractors are legally required to adopt. It's a blessing to Liberals and a curse to Conservatives. As a minority myself, I don't want to obtain employment because I'm a minority; I want to obtain employment because I have the credentials. Some people have even reported that others frown upon them in the university or in the work place because others claim they were only granted enrollment or employment because of their minority status. Affirmative Action is not needed to improve the social and economic status of minorities in the United States. The situation of minorities in the United States will only be strained if people come to believe that minorities are dependent on this legislation. In order for minorities to truly advance, they must not rely on Affirmative Action to grant them access to employment, rather, they must satisfy both the work ethic and credentials to prove they are worthy of the job.
"In regards to Affirmative Action, I don't want the employers to hire me because I'm a minority; I want the employers to hire me because I have the credentials."
by Americananalyst May 19, 2013
a system in which blacks are treated differently than whites because blacks have suffered in the past by being treated differently than whites
Affirmative action is based on the logical assumption that more gasoline will certainly put out the fire.
by Shnoogle June 14, 2014
A program in place to attempt to reverse 500 years of mediocre white men stealing labor, ideas and jobs from women and minorities worldwide. It also attempts to counteract the networks that kept really stupid, but white men in power.
"Did you see that stupid white guy?" Said Ms. Minority. "Yeah, he only got a job because his of father got him in." replied Ms. Friend. "Yeah, that's 500 years of affirmative action and he still couldn't get a job based on his merits?" Said Ms. Minority. "That's right, they can't fire him so they just keep moving him around."
by Thinker012345 March 29, 2015
A life-line for racists who don't approve of societal integration, especially in what has historically remained white-people sports in recent decades (i.e. hockey, gymnastics).
"Affirmative action is why the (insert ice hockey team name) has a black player."
"Did he make the team over a more qualified white player?"
"Uh...uh... not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case."
by That Guy on That Show August 23, 2013
American institutions' way at getting back at white men for over 300 years of racism, sexism, and discrimination.
White guy has a MBA from Princeton.

Black guy has a MBA from Pat Boone Community College.

High paying company hires black guy over white guy because the office has too many white folks.

Affirmative action:
Maybe if the white guy's grandpa and friends weren't so racist, he would of gotten the job. Say thank you grandpa.
by Dirty Jacksons March 27, 2009
Policies driven to allow minorities access to education or employment
Barack Obama winning the Presidential election in 2008- Now that's Affirmative action
by gotuthinkin November 05, 2008

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