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N. Anus Fucker, Shit banger, Ass Fucker

"What the hell you do that for, affie!"
by urbanslang5 June 09, 2006
11 35
A shorter word for affilation, someone you keep in contact with at your website. Some link, but then one you visit often. Like a sitesister.
My affies have the same kinda sites like me.
by wickeddramaqueen September 24, 2006
51 4
name of a beautiful hot chick that every guy wants to bang with the finest ass.
Check out that affie man. Shes the shit.
by HotDudes June 02, 2012
4 1
Short term for an Afghanistani/Afghan.
You fucking affie's are heroin smokers and terrorists.
by Jon Stokekeimer January 17, 2007
7 43