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Pretty much the smartest people out there.
O shit, hes an aerospace engineer
by a February 17, 2005
the most awsome kind of people there is and makes money off lies, cheating and deception.
hot chick: what do you do for a living?

aerospace engineer: im in the business of aerospace engineering, babe

hot chick:...{sound of panties dropping}
by aerospace engineering dude December 09, 2010
One who studies at school and does not leave his/her room their entire freshman year. Except for classes and library runs and lan parties in the basement, these wonders of our modern college world are truly awe inspiring as to the fact that they can withstand having no social interractions for years on end with the simple promise of millions upon graduation.
Dayum. That kid is still in his room? Yeah, what do you expect? hes an aerospace engineer, lets go get krunked

Joe Fish is an aerospace engineer
by Literocola May 21, 2006
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