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The newest Call of Duty game, set to release November 2014, basically like Titanfall
Dude, the exoskeleton's in advanced warfare are exactly like the ones in Titanfall
by Seanster May 24, 2014
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The golden turd of all games. Its awesome but shitty. Advanced Warfare is a game full of corner campers and players flying around the map. Also known as the easiest CoD made. This game has tons of overpowered guns and great customization.
Dude 1: Did you get Advanced Warfare?
Dude 2: Yea I love it.
by MtnW33dSkopez March 10, 2015
The latest installment to the call of duty franchise (2014) in my opinion, it shames call of duty. That shit looks like titanfall
Friend: hey you playin advanced warfare?

Me playing call of duty world at war: ye sure
by MR WATERMELON November 05, 2014

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