A young beautiful woman who is sometimes shy and timid depending on who she is around. She has the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. Her adorkableness will make you laugh and smile. She also knows how to make you smile when your down. She is kind but knows when to be assertive when the time is right.Has a great singing voice . She loves her family and all the people she considers family. You can talk to her for hours and never get bored.If you ever break her heart you'll regret it(or die).She is a true friend.Who ever is with is the luckiest person in the world
Adrianna just made me laugh so much today, she's the best.
by Pinenut February 18, 2013
Top Definition
its a name of someone who is very pretty. she isnt mean but sometimes she can be only to people mean to her first. you should respect her in every way you can.

perfect: adrianna.
awwsome: adrianna.
Even awwsomer than anyone else: adrianna.
adrianna: perfect
you get the point.
by adrianna selena June 12, 2008
Is the name of a very sexy and attractive young woman. Originally from Italian, meaning "dark" or "rich," this girl is usually of hispanic descent. She has deep brown eyes, long black hair and her alluring personality makes everyone want to become her friend. Naturally compassionate, she will go out of her way to make sure you have a great day. Just seeing her smile makes you have a brighter day. Adrianna´s have an amazing singing talent and are great at performing on front of others.

Also used to mean ¨cool¨or ¨funny.¨
George: Hey, I think that's Adrianna crossing the street.
John: Yeah. She's so sexy. Im so lucky she's my girlfriend.

Luis: Haha. Wow. The way you fell right there was an "Adrianna."
by RicanLover November 13, 2009
Adrianna is probably the most sweetest girl you will ever meet. She's very quiet when you first meet but, don't under estimate her when she gets comfortable she can be CRAZY but in a cool good way. She has a very sensitive personality but is very strong at times, sometimes she need to be encouraged. She is a GREAT friend and she's always there for you. You can trust her with any secret, but only if she trusts you. She's irresistibly gorgeous and guys may see her as erotically provocative. She has beautiful eyes and a nice body and soft hair. lol. She's a great friend and if you know her you're very lucky. If guys cheat on her or break her heart they'll definitely regret it. I guarantee it. But, she may need a close friend there at times to support her. She's unbelievably kind, she always knows how to put a smile on your face when you're down and knows how to make you feel good. She'll make you laugh hysterically everyday by the crazy, mental, ballistic things she does. She's a GREAT friend. Don't let her go. :)
Adrianna Matthews this is dedicated to you :)

-Anonymous <3 x
by Anonymous love x January 19, 2013
the most amazing girl ever. very pretty:]
name from Italy meaning 'from Northern Italy'
this girl is awesome and nice but she does have a bitchy side so respect her:D
she loves you.
Guy- woah you must be like, an adrianna
by ilyverymuchh January 09, 2010
The nicest, Most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has a great personality and is amazingly funny. No matter how bad of a day you're having, or how bad your mood is, Just talking to her can make your day 100x better. She has the cutest giggle and anyone who hears it can't help but smile. If you ever get the chance to be with her, Don't ever mess it up. You'll regret it the rest of your life. She also has a nice booty.
Omg look at that booty. Her name must be adrianna.
by ilovbibicat April 01, 2013
Adrianna's are beautiful gorgeous women. They are mostly Latin but this particular one is a black/ African american. She is beautiful and she is sweet. She can be a bitch if you push the wrong buttons. But, she is a great friend to all and she is wonderful. Everyone loves her. She is a kind hearted person and very smart. She is sometimes shy but when you get to know her she's adorable.

Adrianna'sre amazingly beautiful

That must be an adrianna
by +Adrianna January 07, 2014
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