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A term used to describe a single soldiers room when its in absolute shit state.
Jesus John what the fuck happened to your room, it looks like someone's chucked an admin bomb in there, get a fucking grip.
by DaveTT May 07, 2012
A term normally referring to the event in which the administrator of a game completely resets the account of a player because:

a) the player was warned many times, but the Admin sees admin bombing a more fit punishment than deletion.
b) the administrator is just plain pissed off at the player.

Or many other reasons.
Battle Report:
Anarch123 attacked Admin4!
In the attack, Admin4 lost 6,000 soldiers, 400 tanks, and 23 infrastructure.

Anarch123 lost 1345 soldiers, and 121 tanks.


Anarch123's Account:
Soldiers: 0
Tanks: 0
Cruise Missiles: 0
Technology: 0
Infrastructure: 0
Land: 0 sq. miles
Money: $0

Anarch123 says: "F**k! I've been Admin Bombed!"
by Mikmo June 20, 2011