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a sophomore girl who shows off and steals people's boots.
"Hey, look, it's the sophomore."
"Oh, you mean Addie?"
"She has a name?"
by emptyycanvas January 05, 2012
ad-die add-dee -noun. Death for all mechanical devices or apparatuses she happens to come into contact with.
Christ... when you smashed that cd player with a hammer after lighting it on fire and simultaneously pouring acid all over it, you sure were like an Addie to it.
by Dan Swall May 13, 2007
a name that you could call a boy by the name of Addam, they have to be cute, nice, and dandy.
Addam: hey
girl : hey
girl: can u call u addie
Addam: sure but why
girl: cause a cute nickname for a cute guy
by :kinky: February 10, 2010
-*a little dog with lotsa hair that gets in fights with bigger dogs and its sad cuz she doesnt know shes small... ): .... poor addie....*
erica: omg addies fightin that dog!
erica: shes gonna die!
me: no she wont
erica: look!
me: oh... crap....
by -Lizard December 19, 2005
a really mean girl that has mental issues that she needs to workout
chic 1: she's a real addie
chic 2: o yea, she needs help
by thatonechic September 15, 2008