a person resembling a woodland creature; an extreme hip-hop dance move
squirrel; Did you see that girl do "the addie"?
by Possum_62 February 01, 2008
ad-die add-dee -noun. Death for all mechanical devices or apparatuses she happens to come into contact with.
Christ... when you smashed that cd player with a hammer after lighting it on fire and simultaneously pouring acid all over it, you sure were like an Addie to it.
by Dan Swall May 13, 2007
a sophomore girl who shows off and steals people's boots.
"Hey, look, it's the sophomore."
"Oh, you mean Addie?"
"She has a name?"
by emptyycanvas January 05, 2012
A crazy girl who likes to have fingers in her hoo hah. She lies, leads guys on, and pushes her real friends away, and chooses sex over true relationship. Within the next 3 months she will be a known as a "cum dumpster". She also has been known to try to turn mutual friends against other friends. A real bitch.
"Hey bro, have you heard what that girl did this weekend? She's a total Addie.."

"Dude.. She really screwed me over! She's just like Addie!!"
by TexasLongBalls December 11, 2013
a name that you could call a boy by the name of Addam, they have to be cute, nice, and dandy.
Addam: hey
girl : hey
girl: can u call u addie
Addam: sure but why
girl: cause a cute nickname for a cute guy
by :kinky: February 10, 2010
-*a little dog with lotsa hair that gets in fights with bigger dogs and its sad cuz she doesnt know shes small... ): .... poor addie....*
erica: omg addies fightin that dog!
erica: shes gonna die!
me: no she wont
erica: look!
me: oh... crap....
by -Lizard December 19, 2005
a really mean girl that has mental issues that she needs to workout
chic 1: she's a real addie
chic 2: o yea, she needs help
by thatonechic September 15, 2008
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