short for "anal douche bag", deriving from "db", the short form for "douche bag"
Why does Paul insist on being such an adb?
by Stephanie Traplin March 18, 2007
Top Definition
All Day Breakfast: A traditional English dish comprising of various fried meats, vegetables and dairy products. Although classified as Breakfast officially this dish can be enjoyed at all times of the day, hence the term.
Phil and Stefan, after a rather intoxicating night out, decided to order an ADB from a nearby cafe.
by Phillip Mawson September 06, 2005
After Drinking Bog. A massive bog you take after a night out on the piss. Usually really potent and stinky.
Fuck man, i gotta take an A.D.B! My farts stink!
by Cammo3000 September 27, 2005
A Female that is a alcoholic and is bitch Referred to an "Angry Drunk Bitch"
Dude, my girlfriend is such a A.D.B
by F.A.D April 14, 2016
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