A Massive 3d Chat Program;Program used to chat and build enviroments
by PrinceBullet April 04, 2005
Top Definition
Active Worlds (AW) is an 3D web browser for Microsoft Windows. It allows users to assign themselves a unique name, log into the Active Worlds universe, and explore worlds and places that other people have built.

The program's original goal was to be the 3D equivalent to a 2D browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla, where instead of websites, the user could construct an office and display their products in 3D, or build an art gallery and hang the pictures on the wall. However in recent years the program has shifted its attention to more of an art oriented program, in adding features for building.
Hey check out what I built in Active Worlds today!
by Hyper Anthony October 23, 2005
Acronym AW, a 3d chatroom, home to all the nastiest mother fuckers on the web. Also used as a slang term.
Yo bitches I am the boss of builds, dont make me go AW on yo ass!
by ENZO July 18, 2004
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