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(n.) unfortunate event which could not have been stopped at all, caused by actions of the President, City Hall, Congress, the police, the Armed Forces, the Federal Reserve, etc.

A law, act, raid, summons, tax, or action performed/passed by the above which results in the indiscriminate loss of life, property, money or livelihood.

A play upon "Act of God", as it implies a destructive action by an unstoppable, unreasoning and (near) omnipotent entity which cannot be prevented or contained. However, measures can be taken to lessen the damage done and recover from the wreckage.
Dr. Earl's medical practice was performing a much needed service to the community and was doing quite well - until the city seized his property through eminent domain and gave the land to another McDonalds. Talk about an act of government.
by yowzer! September 01, 2010
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