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A way of telling a bloke to man up and stop being a pussy/coward/wet blanket.
Means to 'act like you've got a pair of testicles'
Is an insult to imply that the man has no balls in the metaphorical sense (that they are a total wimp).
Often used by males and females alike, in women to display power and in men to shame the other male.
Always directed towards a male unless you're taking the piss.
Bloke: Aww i can't go up there it's high and i'm scared of heights
Woman: Bloody hell (insert name here) act like you've got a pair will ya!
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...(Whispers)Of balls.

Used in Full Metal Jacket. To
"Come on privates! Act like you've got a pair!"

When you're too scared to do something, you should act like
by Fargas August 15, 2006

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