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the act of telling a jokish story which includes completely wrong and ridiculous ideas with abnormal thinking (an effect from the drug acid, or LSD)
in other words, a joke combined with the power of LSD to create a very abnormal joke, usually just punk kids who have nothing better to do with there lives but to make it a competition who can be the most ridiculous with there jokes
i saw this guy walking down the road, he had a sad jackolantern head, melon boobs with crescent tits, and orange juice waste, yes, a waste, made of orange juice. he had dino legs with huge claws for feet, followed by uncontrollable worm arms. he escaped a life of online crime by running out of keenies basement, now thats an acid joke.

MIKE-O! he wakes u up in the middle of the night, he has a tight 70s style tye dye shirt, a cane he carries over his shoulder, star glasses, old school roller skates, and tight leather pants, he flies on a rainbow he spawns with rainbow cricket eggs.
by imamonster December 03, 2007
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