The most annoying, fingernails on a chalkboard-sounding band in all of history. Responsible for convincing untold millions of impressionable teenagers that ugliness is "cool".
Pablo Picasso did less damage than ACDC.
by GySgt D March 24, 2005
AC DC is usually spelled with a lightning strike in between the C and the D.
The true meaning of AC DC is:

A gainst
C hrist
D eliver
C hildren

or, when used is scientific terms, stands for Alternating Current and Direct Current.
Dude: maaann AC DC kicks asssssss
Other dude: Heck yes it does!!!!
by stockholmsyndrome33 April 29, 2006
personally..ACDC pisses the fuck out of me. you can disagree i dont really care..but the lead singers voice is just...annoying. i cant stand it.
shook me all night long

thats what an old man sounds like with a cold
by Johnnydn October 17, 2004
AC DC owns. You suck.
AC DC sucks your girlfriends dick and shits in your face.
by contra November 30, 2004
Anti Christ Devil Child
The band
by Josh January 09, 2004
trailer trash rock band, you wont like it except if youre a middle aged redneck or an angsty special snowflake preteen
"what are you listening to?"

"nothing, just some good ol' ACDC *gulps bud light"

"oh, ill be going now"
by Kinto2.0 June 17, 2016
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