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When an orthodox Jew steals pizza from the fridge not "realizing" that there is bacon on it... but, in fact, secretly loves bacon... it is called "accidental bacon".
Janine opens her roommates mini-fridge and sees the Domino's box.
Janine smells the sweet aroma of bacon, but can not see it on the pizza.
Janine eats 3 slices quicker than a frog snags a fly.
Roommate returns.
Roommate: "You ate my fucking pizza?"
Janine: "I didn't think you wanted it."
Roommate: "You know there was bacon on that, right?"
Janine: "AAAAARGH" (runs to bathroom feigning to be sick)
Roommate: "Accidental bacon, my ass!"
by Fleck August 10, 2006
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