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A male homosexual, one that craves to be on the receptive side of anal intercourse. May also apply to a heterosexual that likes to be penetrated by a strap on.

This phrase seems to originate from Hebrew where it appears as "eats in port 80", a euphemism of "eats in the ass" (80 being the common port number for HTTP requests).

Another (rarer) variant is "accepts in port 8080" (being the HTTP Alternate port as well as the port used by the infamous vulnerability in the Netscape implementation of JVM known as Brown Orifice).

Compare port (definition 4)
So what are you telling me here, that you accept in port 80?

Dude, just because someone likes to wear dresses you can't automatically assume he accepts in port 80.
by I. April 19, 2006

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