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An intense, non-sexual attraction to a person of great knowledge, authority, or experience, such as a professor, historian, political figure, scientist, or author. Persons affected by this syndrome may respond to the target by blushing, giggling, and avoiding eye contact after meeting or during conversations, much like the response of many people when they experience a romantic crush on another person.
"Amy developed an academic crush on Professor Potts during Shakespeare 352 Winter semester. If she could have, she would have loved to listen to him talk in iambic pentameter all day. But when she tried to talk to him after class, she suddenly found she couldn't say anything intelligent at all."
by FeliceLovesCats February 02, 2010
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An intense and completely un-romantic appreciation for a person's intellectual or social level of sophistication or education.
My professor is so smart, I think I have an academic crush on her!"
by George McClain August 07, 2009
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