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an amazing band located in salem, oregon. it features three members Abby Miss Road, Marvin Phelps, and Humphrey Mus. this band performs all original songs, or original arrangements of somngs like the alphabet. some of their song title include "ireland", "let's all dance", and "hush lullaby". the band sometimes features accomplices in their awesome songs. some of their catchiest lyrics include...
person 1: "what time is it?"
person 2: "it's dancing time!"
person 1: you'd better check your pocket watch."
person 2: "oh no!"

(person 1 is up at 2 a.m. watching the television)
person 2: "this is your hush lullaby, speak not soft lips."

they are sort of the essence of awesome.
Human Being: wow, i just heard this band. they sang some songs.
Human Being, Other: oh, i know who you are talking about. absence of mustache, right?
Human Being: fosh.
#absence #of #mustache #band #ireland
by humphreymus April 20, 2009
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