A fetus that has been aborted for some reason. By studying these intresting things we can come up with new cures for diseases that people have been suffering throughout thier lives. Also, not only are aborted fetuses interesting to study they're also quite cool to look at and maybe even touch.
when two men were looking through the Clintons' garbage can they found an aborted fetus that was the biological child of Bill Clinton and someone else.
by weirdgirl June 29, 2003
Top Definition
removed tampon that is laying on the top of the trash can...
Man! Get your aborted fetus out of the trash!!
by manicole March 27, 2005
The act of getting a bloody nose while having sex, and letting it bleed all over your partner.
I loved it when my boyfriend rich gave me an aborted fetus
by Ivan Girderboot April 29, 2005
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