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Reversing a decision to embark on a chosen course of action, which at first appeared advantageous and justifiable, but upon closer inspection was revealed to have potentially undesirable or disastrous consequences.
Example 1:

Jim: Damn Tammy looks fine and she been checking me the whole night. Imma tap dat ass for sure.

Mike: Yo, might want to rethink that. I heard she got gonorrhea.

Jim: Yikes, abort the mission!!

Example 2:

Alex: We been standing in line for like 30 minutes. Forget this I’m walking right pass the bouncer.

Gary: Ummm, Dwayne tried that last week and the bouncer broke his nose.

Alex: Whoa, abort the mission.

Example 3:

Jane: So we gonna hit up Fo Chang Restaurant. Its $5.00 all you can eat.

Natasha: Nah abort the mission. Last time I ate there I had the runs for 2 days.
by MrDoodle June 01, 2011

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