a name given to someone of extreme sexiness, pizazz and style, and of possibly the most amazing body in the world accompanied by large manly genitalia. Abhishek's also attract the utmost atttention from girls who most of the time just want the abhisheks dick, but are also attracted by his outgoing, kind, and unique personality that makes quality girls fall in love with him
OMG, check out that abhishek!
by adsadsad March 29, 2008
Top Definition
someone who spends more time talking about working out than actually working out.
There's a guy at the gym who does nothing but sit in a squat rack and talk about his lifts. What an abhishek.
by jessiecho May 05, 2014
A name given to someone who is smart, intelligent, sweet and all things amazing. A sense of humor which one has to have an acquired taste for understanding. Has his mind and soul on things he believes in and will do all things in his power to make things right. The kind of person who is one in a million.

"A role-model for other guys out there"
by tomatojerk April 16, 2010
Installed as a king.
That Abhishek is a great leader.
by Vitamin May 05, 2007
Biggest Cunt In The Entire World!
That guy is so shit he must be called abhishek
by niggz\ May 15, 2016
An asshole who work for brothel house lick dick and vagina


A word use to signify gay in interior parts of india
He is abhishek

Abhishek are common in red light areas
by DewD September 01, 2015
A tall structure (like bamboo) which badly sucks in computer games.
Adj "Dude stop it...u r so abhishek in this game!!"
V "Man, u r abhisheking, support either italy or spain"
by Trustworthy June 24, 2010
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