Clothing, that is so popular that you can't find your own size in any store at any time. Stores are full of chicks though.
Do they make size 36 and over?
by cassandra March 23, 2004
"Abercombie and Fitch"- A brand that is NOT REALLY preppy, only for those middle-class suburban kids who went to public high school and do not have a clue. A cheap substitute for Polo or Brooks Brothers. Often complemented with some sort of backwards "fitted" baseball cap and cargo jeans. Abercombie and fitch is most unprep.
Tony was hanging out at the mall thinking he was preppy in Abercombie and Fitch, when a crowd of wasp preppy douche bags (in seersucker shorts and polos) walked by and sneered.

It kills me to have to write "Abercomie" because some moron cannot spell.
by Legit Prep September 27, 2007
Over priced store that sells jeans for $200, that you can also find at Wal-mart on the clearance rack for $15.99
Abercrombie ripped jeans $119.99, plain white abercrombie shirt $59.99, look on the stupid prep's face when their expensive low quality outfit is ruined, PRICELESS.
by DirtyNun February 19, 2005
A place where poor people hang around and make fun of everyone else because tehy cannot afford it. So they make everyone else look bad when in fact THEY are the white trash that cant afford nice clothes.
Omg look at all those fags walking in that poser store (secretly wishing you were with those fags cause you get your clothes from wal-mart)
by yea right April 07, 2005
Store that you could never take your mother into bc shed faint just looking at the ads and u wouldnt want to anyway cuz they're clothing is thin low-quality trash for an exorbitant price

A preppie, particularly an abnormally stupid one who doesn't understand the concepts of price and quality
Look at those little Abercrombie and Fitch girls freezing over there in their $70 crapola sweaters.
by Bex October 11, 2003
A clothing company that buys old cloths that were previously sold at K-Mart, sells them for way to much money, and says it is fashion.
Prep: Look at this button up shirt I got from abercombie and fitch, I only paid $70 for it!
Guy: Oh yea, really? My dad bought that shirt a year ago from K-Mart for $7.86.
by josh December 02, 2004
Christopher Posts Life.
Chris Post the biggest faggot in Suffolk Couty other then Greg Munch.
by knobbie April 30, 2005
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