A somewhat obscure way of describing a group of people crossing a street. This is often used in connection with intoxicated homeless or ethnic minorities.
I took me forever to drive down main street because it was bar close and a group of drunks were pulling an abbey road.

Some homeless people were abbey roadin' it in traffic this morning near the park, causing a slowdown.
by boognish May 06, 2005
the best album to ever come out of abbey road or anywhere. it is full of greatness and is made by people that unfortunately couldnt manage to make something as good ever again.
shes so
by rathsangatas drink November 03, 2004
Name of a thoroughfare with recording studio, ( and zebra crossing), in London. Gave name to Beatles album recorded there.
They recorded that at Abbey Road
by Uncle Roly January 05, 2005

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