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Short for: a game called America's army Ops
Hey, guys let's play aao.
by [Tomppa] July 22, 2008
A clan from the clan game runescape They like to flame people on urbandictionary because they have nothing else to do. They usually close down and then ten minutes later they re-open. AAO stands for against all odds.
Person 1: Did you hear that AAO closed down again?
Person 2: Yea, but it re-opened again this morning.
Person 1: Wow! I am so surprised! (Sarcasm)
by idk349532 March 12, 2008
A writer for urban dictionary has also who has also defined As Told By Ginger, Hippies, and A House is not a motel how should I know because I am AAO
Man AAO's definitions are so lame
by AAO November 24, 2007
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