military term killingzone
we where in an ambush and i was so scared
by andymacnab November 01, 2003
(n) the name given to an unkempt and untended mass of pubic hair that explodes by complete surprise out of a really hot girl's panties.
So she's down to her little Playboy panties right, and she is looking so fine and I wonder "how did I manage to get this fine piece back here" and I'm ready, and she's ready. So I whip her panties off and ... BOOM! There's freakin hair everyhwere man! It's like some kind of cute, furry forest animal exploded! It was a dead set ambush.
by Bonzasaurus February 27, 2008
This is a sexual term... The ambush is where the male, while taking the female/male doggystyle, warns that he's about to ejaculate. He then spits on his partners back. The partner turns around and then he cum's in there face, thus catching them by surprise.....
She was late with the dinner last night so I ambushed her in bed. Her face was covered in Bollox Yought
by Buckley August 22, 2006
The feeling you get when you first glimpse your girlfriend naked and see that she doesn't groom her pubes.
"Damn, I got down with Jenny last night and she ambushed me with a 70's afro between her legs."
by littlesmokey June 07, 2013
An ambush is when 2 men stick their penises in a girls mouth from different directions at the same time.
Guy 1: 8==> XD <===8
Guy 2: AMBUSH!!!
by Codemanmisterini67 November 03, 2009
ambush, noun(aka a.m. bush), also ambushed

The act of sexual intercorse in the wee hours of the morning.
1. I woke up, rolled over and fell into a warm wet hole, it was an ambush.

2. This morning I was ambushed. A great way to start the day.
by ambusher March 29, 2009
The act of being suprised by a woman's unkempt, unshaven pubic region.
ambush - He pulled off her panties and was surprised by the copius amounts of pubic hair, it was an ambush.

ambushed - Jenny hasn't shaven herself since the late 70's, I went down on her and got totally ambushed.
by Barnold April 01, 2004
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