An acronym for ass-crack-of-dawn. Can emcompass "at the" along with ass crack of dawn
I need you to be at my house ACOD.
If we get up ACOD, then we can beat the early shoppers and get the best sales.
by Dayzi January 31, 2006
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Top Definition
Anti-Climax Orgasm Denial

As the name suggests, this action can be most effectively performed as follows.

In the duration of hammering a hoe from the behind, a few moments before the bitch has her orgasm, you pull your wang clean out, zip up your pants and without a word, just casually walk out of the room or cubicle.
Hoe: Last night was the worst night ever!!
Hoe2: Why? What happened?
Hoe: This guy was giving me a good time and just before i came, hejust pulled out and left!!
Hoe2: Omg, rofl you fell victim to an a.c.o.d. attack lmao!!
by sharnam August 17, 2006

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