Australian Strike Soldiers. The best clan in Aus!
P1: Who's that awesome BF2 player?
P2: I dunno, but I'm sure he's from A$$ clan!
by Kit-E-Kat July 18, 2006
Top Definition
1) Hooker ass
2) Bypass text
pHuck dude did u c her a$$?
by blug August 27, 2003
(n,adj)A word used in typewritten language to describe an ass so beautifully exquisite and enchanting that people would pay good money to see and or touch it; an ass that is used for income purposes.
I am so jealous of Kendra's a$$, she gets tens instead of ones when she hits the pole!

Did you see the way she was showing off that A$$?! There's no way in hell she isn't charging for rides!
by MX936 May 13, 2013
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