A person with no friends. Someone on their own, particularly in a pub or club. From "Billy-no-mates".
"Look at him, he's a right billy!".
by truthtalker October 09, 2003
Top Definition
a water pipe - bong - used for smoking cannabis
Pack that cone and pass us the billy.
by willvi August 19, 2003
n: 1)someone who thinks or acts like they are a badass; Taken from the phrase "Billy Badass."
2) someone who destroys things because he/she thinks that people are impressed/ intimidated by it.
1)Scott got wasted last night and started acting like a billy; he started smashing beer cans on his head and tried to fight 5 different people.
2)Scott came in, being a Billy Badass as usual, and kicked over the fuckin couch.
by DRFarm February 19, 2006
A Billy, or Billy-Headed. Also Billy-goat.

Being A Billy, or a Billy Head, is basically acting like a Billy-Goat, like the animal. Literally a jack-ass, or ass-hole. Douche-bag is also accepted. The animals are rather stupid, and purposeless.

This is not a joke, there are people who use this word(s), mainly up in the mountain regions, where Billy Goats are found.
Examples: Hey don't be like a Billy. Man your so fucking Billy Headed. In some cases it can be sub-divided down to just
plain Billy, depending on the wording.

Examples: You damn Billy. You such a Billy, you fuck-tard. Or my favorite, Don't be Billy, or Don't be Billy you stupid Fuck.

by E-Rock8888 February 17, 2009
A Catholic name for a Protestant or Rangers F.C. soccer supporter


by Billy Boy Basterds July 10, 2008
a sick freak who tends to claim his toilet overflowed, but really he is a psycho who pisses and shits on his own floor. He will tend to live in these conditions for a semester or two of college. There may also be notorious trash strewn throughout his room along with bits of chewing tobacco.
person #1 "eww gross"
person #2 "yeah man don't be a billy"
by woofwoof543 March 24, 2011
a person who thinks he/she is too tuff or cool. Billy badass
I was at the club and the bouncer was acting like a billy
by BillyP March 23, 2006
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