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Usually means when there's a pile of poo in a urinal.
I needed to take a piss but there was a big pile of poo in a urinal, so I used the sinks
by Monkeygrease August 09, 2005
Professional incompetence or dishonesty.
George W. Bush's foreign policy is just a big pile of poo in a urinal
by mustapha hamshandi March 26, 2007
When a particular female, is either engaged in a relationship or is otherwise unavailable to those who would like to 'tap that ho'
Guy 1: Man i wanna 'tap that ho' but shes being a big pile of poo in a urinal...i wanna use it but i can't.
Guy 2: aww man that sucks mad balls, i just use the sink.
by maria hernandez October 21, 2007
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