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another word for joint
Yo wigga lets go smoke that "J" or i'll kizzle your ass mofo!
by Carl February 14, 2005
(Jay) N. (1) A Joint. (2) Purest form of nudity (3)An Upturned penis. see also (Doobie, Stick, Roach, Cheeb, Lefty)
1) What's up? Nothing just smokin' a "J".

2) There I was standing in the police lineup naked as a "J".

3) I got all drunk and took that fat girl home from the bar. She jumped on top and broke my dick. Bitch left me a "J".
by SirIsaacHillary September 02, 2005
Your jump shot in reference to basketball
Yo man watch me do a "J"!!
by Teenie September 25, 2005
j as in junkie(crackhead) someone who either acts extrmley stupid/crazy or looks busted(raggedy). Can also be used to describe a lame person
so quita lookin like a "j" today huh?
by Kewl ass Laura September 19, 2006
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