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Zuhdi means sun. Likes to try many sports and tries to have fun and make people less good at that sport feel good about them self. Often meaning more resilient and smarter. Competitive even though small. Often "Zuhdi's" have a muscular body that reaches maximum in high school. Tries to co-operate with people, but if the people have a feature or mental idea, that's different then the rest, about something, People with the name Zuhdi, will often reject there thoughts and ways. Also rejecting there thoughts comes up with a follow up with hating these people. Zuhdi is also accompanied by the feature of a abnormally large penis, in length but not width. A little background history is that "Zuhdi" came about from the middle east and mostly used with the eastern side as you go west you might find that the name "Zuhdi" is less used.
"Zuhdi "

"OMG. He plays so good, like a Zuhdi!"

"That hottie over there must be a Zuhdi!"

"Oh, look, Its a Zuhdi!
by Editer and Writer101 April 27, 2009

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