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Getting so high or "Zooted" that boots magically appear on your feet and you physically get "Booted" in the air.
Nigga im so Zooted... OH SHIT AND BOOTED

by AYE FAM October 21, 2010
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play on 'suited and booted' meaning dressed up and ready for it. hence 'zooted and booted' means stoned and ready for it.
- 'are you ready?'

- 'aye 100% zooted and booted.'
by annakousagi October 14, 2014
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Getting dressed up...usually button up and a tie or a suit. Business casual style, no t-shirt, no sneakers.
What's the dress at that club? Can I rock anything or do I need to get zooted and booted?
by King Swag May 26, 2006
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