To revert into your subconscious when walking/moving and try to get from point A to point B with little hassle in-between, usually causing you to look like a zombie by looking straight ahead and not paying any attention to everyone else whom are most likely zombieing as well.
I tried to break John from Zombieing in the halls, but that kid was on a mission!
by B Lund October 31, 2010
Top Definition
When you wake up the next morning after smoking a ton of weed and everything is hazey and your head is thinking slower than the world.
I smoked a whole eighth last night man im zombieing right now.
by TheCCking September 11, 2010
When a poop that seems like it went down comes popping back up.
"Dude, I had to flush three times, and it still zombied at the end!"
"Gross, dude!"
"Yeah. So, you wanna hit this?"


"Zombieing sucks."
by steviewonder666 May 16, 2009
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