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While having sex the female is moaning loudly and you finish the act by "shooting" her in the face.
Ben, me and my wife had some wild sex last night, it was totally Zombie Style!
#zombie #moaning #facial #cumshot #skeet
by Mr. Muncher March 09, 2011
Zombie style is any sex position when a women is on her period and gets blood all over each other while having sex or foreplay.
That chick was doing it zombie style all night long, I woke up and had blood all over my body
#zombie #zombie style #zombei #style #zombei stile
by the gooch10 September 19, 2010
This is when you are having sex with a girl in the doggie style position while you are simultaneously playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.
Christian: Babe i'll have sex with you but only if we can do it zombie style.

Brittany: Fine... but you better get off before level 16 or I'm over it.
#sex #black ops #zombies #awesome #southern orange county
by theswindle May 15, 2011
having sex (girl on top)whiel she is leaning all the way up as far as she can
hard core ghetto sex aka zombie style
#pony ride #black monkey #cury box #hand san #nurrrrr
by tellie bear August 08, 2009
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