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the act of continuing to beat someone, after you have already rendered them unconcious, so as to appear as mindless as a zombie, stomping out a helpless, prostrate individule
dude, i heard you really taught that guy a lesson, who who grabbed your girlfriends ass...

yeah, i completely zombie stomped the worthless motherfucker
by Centaution December 29, 2009
Could refer to a addict using a high dose of their vice to get high. Leaving them in a coma/zombie like state.

Usually used as a term for getting/being fucked up for a specific reason.
Think ill do a fatty line of H and then go to the bar to get the zombie stomp started.
by Naota-kun August 01, 2010
military term used to describe the action of stomping your own shit down a shower drain because you are late to formation and exteremly hung over from the night before
we partied all night, i woke up late and had to zombie stomp in the shower just to get to formation on time
by jonnnnnnn May 06, 2006
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