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When you are shocked by an event. You can replace "Damn" with "Zoit". We usually hear it in Geneva, "Eaux-vives", "les zoo". You can also say "Zbrengs", "Zeuit".
- The bitch sucked his dick for some weed.
- Zoit

- La salope lui a sucé la bite pour de la weed.
- Zoit
by Re'spect April 24, 2015
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Noise you must make when performing a zot. while swiping your fingers across the persons upper lip, say the word "zoit" and this indicates that they have been zotted
Bill cried out "zoit" as he passed his contaminated fingers across Freda's upper lip
by Murph McGurt December 11, 2003
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A word shouted when throwing any object at a Friend by surprise, evne turning it into a game such as Zoit! duels!
Matt throws the rubber pipe at Jon's head and shouts Zoit!
by Sbean Shop July 22, 2010
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