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The challenge: clam bake a car all night.....the fun way

What you need:

_A 1/4 of weed

_3-4 buddies

_a car

_munchies (food+drinks)

_ Ipod loaded up with music you all like`
_Zig Zag Original
_Cereal bowl

What to do:
-Find a nice calm parking lot to park where you dont have to worry.
- blast the heat (warm up the car),grind all your pot into the bowl
-once the pot is all grinded, and the car is warm. Close the vents and shut the car off (keeping smoke and heat inside)
- Put on music to relax
- Contiously roll and smoke joints until your pot is gone
- chill, hit up bk for munchies
- go home sleep like a baby
Guy 1: what do you wanna do tonight?
Guy 2: no party's man, how about a zig zag challenge?
Guy 3: hell yea i got the zig zags!
by Willc413 February 13, 2011