JediYoshis least worst nightmore thing
bite me
by 1 February 08, 2003
Top Definition
Amazing acid jazz group. Check out their albums: When it Falls, Simple Things, and Another Late Night.
When I listen to Zero 7 I feel high, like all the world is just floating away.
by qzy December 31, 2004
Omnipotent being praised by the Zairo-Sleek church.
/me worships the Zairo
by Sleek November 29, 2004
A big azn nubba.
Olo look at zero7 go! hafaf he sux he fell off the ladder.
by Anon September 29, 2003
The gayest gay that ever gayed it's way across a gay bridge
That guy sure is a Zero7
by Tiio July 20, 2003
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