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Any sort of poseur-esque teenager, rejecting important character traits to focus more on ones that allow the traitor to enter a particular niche in society. Considered a petty traitor in most cases, this offense, if pulled off correctly, can succeed in pushing a person with no particularly useful traits into a spot of relatively high prominence.
"UGh, mario is such a zenisek... no one would like him if he didn't play football."

"Lyke, Oh. Em. Jee. look at that zenisek's new gucci bag-- i swear it's like, chyeah, your bag cost more than my life, but seriously pull up your shirt. Gawd. oh shit, here she comes... Heyyyyy girlyy--"

"UGh, that kid is such a zenisek... he's president of the Asian Awareness association, but he's only half chinese--- the other half is czech or some shit like that."
by not zenisek March 16, 2009
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