In ancient European legend, a mighty warrior who roamed the earth, solving mystery and whuppin’ ass. Some say Zeedar Teretz lives today, as a very old man, who roams the world playing an important part in the events of the world.

Also, a dick with a website.
That's so freaky, only Zeedar Teretz could have done it!
by Kevin Smith November 24, 2003
Top Definition
A megalomaniacal young man with a prediliction for porn involving the Olsen twins, and making racist slurs about anyone who crosses his path. He promotes this through his website,

Ultimately, he is a nerd in denial.
'He hasn't even spoken to her since the accident! He's turning himself into a real Zeedar Teretz."
by Magnolia Fan November 18, 2003
A dance, similar to the Hokey Pokey, except with a greater emphasis on pelvic thrusting. It became popular as a disco throwback alternative to the punk rock craze that was taking over Manchester in the late 1970's. It was banned in several prominent nightclubs, including the legendry Hacienda, giving it a reputation as "the forbidden dance."
"Only one man ever lost an eye doing the Zeedar Teretz, and he deserved it."
by Randal May 13, 2004
Zeedar refurs to Mike Zeedar, a minor internet personality mostly known for his glowing afidavids on the virtues of owning a Mac. Teretz is Hewbrew for excuse.

The phase Zeedar Teretz refurs a situation where someone is repeatedly doing something inexcusable, without even offering an excuse. It is a shortened version of "What's Mike Zeedar's Teretz?"
Halle Berry making another movie? That's a zeedar teretz.
by Caitlin Bree July 14, 2004
A local farmers lad from Yorkshire
Get off me land!!!! arrrr!
by B.T.B April 22, 2004
A form of currency in Burkina Faso, independant republic of West Africa. Most commonly used in the capital city, Ouagadougou.
ie. one Zeedar Teretz to ten Olsens.
by The Eternal Sunflower April 27, 2004
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