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The "Zator Reverse" is a technique developed by a traveling band of beautiful Polish gypsies.

It is an act which supplants the techniques of beauty and seduction to ensnare unsuspecting victims into a great state of happiness, only to leave the person downtrodden and wanting.

Often, the victims experience great pangs of personal doubt, insecurity, and/or financial loss.
On one especially damaging occasion, a Zator gypsie stood naked in a park, waving and smiling at those passing. When an officer arrived to remove her from the park, she first convinced him to mount her upon the closest tree, and pleasure her in great earnest prior to her arrest. During such pleasuring, the remaining members of the woman's band snuck behind the man and stold his wallet, gun, and pants, and effectively performing the Zator Reverse.

The officer, being unable to comprehend or cope with the sense of loss upon realizing his situation, became a homosexual and moved to Rimrose, Kentucky.
#loss #insecurity #screwed #zater reverse #zator switch #boned
by BC 1000 October 09, 2009
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