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A little hellhole in Ohio somewhere between Villesville and Townsendtown.
Dude, you live in Zanesville? Hope I never have to mail there.
by Bob The Builder December 31, 2003
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A city in Ohio filled with hicks and people who actually thing they mean something to the world.
About 75% of people in Zanesville believe wearing camo to school is cool.
by anonymous571 December 15, 2010
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A Crusty Town in Ohio Full Of Bacteria,Scum&Lames. Zanesville High School Is The City's ...You guessed it high school Were Physco Rude Dirty Yet KInda Cool Kids inhabit. Its Parks Suck & Streets Are Dirty & it Stays Cold Way To Long. If You Ride Past Our City Dont Even Bother Stoping At the MC.Donalds Near The HighWay Because The Slide in The PlayPlace Shocks The Shiz Out Of You & you Have Be Smaller Than 42 inches To Even Play in it.So Take My Advice and Stay As Far As You Can Away From Here.
Person A: How Do You Get To Columbus From ______? ( Idk a City Below Zanesville ) Person B: You Got 59 Miles On i 70 Through Zanesville... Person A: OH Shiz My Surgery For my Broken Hypothalimus Can Wait. Person B:Oh
by Hater67Bajillion976 April 08, 2011
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